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TOSLINK Digital Audio Connector
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TOSLINK Digital Audio Connector


Product description:

An optical fiber connector is a device for detachable (movable) connection between optical fiber and optical fiber. it precisely connects the two ends of the optical fiber to maximize the optical energy output of the transmitting optical fiber.

Limited coupling to the receiving optical fiber and minimizing the impact of its involvement in the optical link on the system is the basic requirement of optical fiber connectors. To a certain extent, the optical fiber connector also affects the reliability and performance of the optical transmission system. TOSLINK is an acronym for Toshiba connected (Toshiba Link), and it is also a standard optical digital audio interface. The commonly used standard diameter is φ 1.0mm, numerical aperture (NA) 0.5 PMMA core plastic optical fiber, the sheath is (flame retardant) PVC, in black, red, blue and other colors, the outer diameter of the jacket is mainly φ 2.2mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm / 6.0mm, and the jumper length is usually less than 10m.

Product Features:

◆ Low insertion loss.

◆ Good repeatability.

◆ Good interchangeability.

◆ High transmission.

◆ Anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation, high fidelity.

Scope of application:

◆ Multimedia audio equipment.

◆ HD video player, DVD, MD player.

◆ Digital TV, LCD TV.


◆ sound card.

Specification Description:

Insertion loss dB/m 0.5.

Numerical aperture-0.5.

The diameter of the fiber core is mm 1.0.

Suitable for optical cable diameter mm 2.2 to 8.0.

Core material-PMMA.