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FTTH Plastic Optical Fiber Solution


 Fiber metropolitan area network has extended quartz fiber to roadside (FTTB) and building (FTTC), so the implementation of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is only one step away. The use of plastic optical fiber to set up a computer local area network can well solve the problem of user access for the last 100/1000 meters, thereby truly realizing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). This article has designed a computer PCI network card with an Ethernet plastic optical fiber interface, plug and play, and supports full duplex mode. The hardware design of optical network card and its working principle are introduced. This kind of network card has a simple design circuit and improves the reliability of information exchange. Through plastic optical fiber network card technology, it can realize the networking of office equipment and high-speed data transmission, thereby greatly improving the network transmission efficiency.


All optical system, large bandwidth, and product modularity, can realize fast networking, support multiple protocols, flexible installation, anti-radiation, and anti-eavesdropping.

Network composition:

Plastic optical fiber, plastic optical fiber switch, plastic optical fiber network card, 650nm photoelectric converter, OLT, ONU, ODN.

system introduction:

With the rapid advancement of triple play and the continuous emergence of new services and technologies, Dassault Fibre has greatly accelerated the start of FTTH and quickly entered the stage of scale construction.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) refers to the installation of an optical network unit (ONU) at a home or enterprise. It relaxes requirements for environmental conditions and power, simplifying maintenance and installation. FTTH extends the distance of optical fiber to the end user's home, enabling the home to provide a variety of different broadband services. For example, the FTTH network can implement home equipment (PC, HDTV, TV, digital imaging equipment, air conditioning, refrigerator, audio multimedia Systems, kitchen appliances, etc.) to automate networked control, thereby improving people's quality of life.