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Domestic plastic fiber industry should seize the opportunity to accelerate the pace of industrializa


In recent years, plastic fiber is becoming more and more familiar to people. Due to its more advantages in resisting external environment interference and easy installation, plastic fiber was once hoped to replace five types of wire and twisted pair wiring as the main material of optical fiber.

Indeed, from a product point of view, plastic fiber undoubtedly has obvious advantages. On the one hand, the plastic fiber is in line with the construction idea of light advance copper retreat. Plastic fiber, on the other hand, saves energy and is more environmentally friendly. Accordingly, concerned expert points out, once the product maturates, build in broadband and LAN network respect, plastic fiber will have market competition ability extremely undoubtedly.

However, this beautiful vision has not been realized. Due to the lack of industrialization of the industry, the development of plastic fiber has been difficult. At present, from the point of view of the whole plastic fiber industry, the application scope of plastic fiber is still relatively small. Specifically, the plastic fiber industry chain has not been formed, especially the industry norms and standards have not been established has seriously restricted the development of the industry and product promotion.

To this, the personage inside course of study points out, bring plastic fiber into national cabling standard as soon as possible, it is the important safeguard that promotes development of plastic fiber. At the same time, the establishment of plastic fiber use and deployment specifications, will also pave the way for the scale of use to reduce the cost, so as to facilitate the industrialization and scale.

In addition, the promotion and use of credit plastic optical fiber, not only limited in the product itself on the research and development and manufacturing, the whole plastic optical fiber network industry chain should be mobilized and cultivated, in order to lay a quality foundation and establish market guarantee for the promotion and use of new technology.

Thus it can be seen that the industrialization of plastic optical fiber still needs the cooperation of all parties. In fact, with the increasing familiarity of plastic fiber, the trend towards industrialization has become more urgent. Therefore, the domestic plastic fiber industry should grasp the development opportunities, accelerate the pace of industrialization, so as to achieve its own development and expansion.