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In the future, smart grids will fuse Internet of Things technology


The 12th Five-Year Plan for smart grid construction has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments. Meanwhile, the standard system for smart grid has been basically formulated and may be released in July at the earliest. In the future, the construction of smart grid will integrate the Internet of things technology.

The smart grid standard system has been basically formulated

In Beijing, State Grid released smart Grid Technology and Smart Grid Knowledge Reader, written by experts from its organization. For the first time, state Grid put forward the connotation of smart grid, including strong and reliable, economical and efficient, clean and environmental protection, transparent and open, friendly interaction, and its basic characteristics are to realize informationization, automation and interaction in technology.

The company's standard system for smart grids has been basically finalized and could be released as soon as July, according to state Grid sources. State grid relevant personage also expresses, hope this standard can rise for national standard even international standard.

The state Grid has adopted or determined 22 core standards for smart grids, including charging and discharging standards for electric vehicles, smart meters and technical regulations for photovoltaic power stations to intervene in the grid.

Electric cars will be more easily recharged on the road and residents will get personalized electricity service.

Smart grid construction will integrate Internet of Things technology

Issued by the state grid book smart grid technology and the application of the smart grid is prospected, which named "Internet of things technology application and the development of intelligent city will bring the smart grid construction not ignore the influence of", think that the Internet of things technology can achieve power equipment state inspection, electric power production management, power assets life cycle management, intelligent electricity.

Especially in the field of smart power, the use of the Internet of things technology will help to achieve intelligent electricity two-way interactive services, electricity information collection, smart home, the family management of energy efficiency, distributed power supply access and electric vehicle charging and discharging, in order to realize the user and two-way interactive power grid, improve power supply reliability and utilization efficiency, and provide technical support for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

By embedding intelligent acquisition module and communication module in various household appliances, the intelligence and network of household appliances can be realized, and the operation state of household appliances can be monitored, analyzed and monitored.

As for the application of smart grid in power distribution side, last year the State Grid carried out some pilot projects and promotion in Beijing and other parts of the country. On the basis of last year's pilot projects, pilot projects for smart users were carried out in 11 provinces and cities nationwide, including smart home, security and other fields, as well as electricity meters and corresponding value-added services.